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Monu jewelry detects COVID-19 symptoms as well as other health conditions
Grace Susilo
James Gildea
Reiten Cheng
UX Design
UI Design
Interaction Design
Monu is health monitoring jewelry for peace of mind. It alerts you if you might be getting sick, and even shares vital data with your physician. This leads to reassurance for those using Monu, and an increased public health through early detection and more accurate tracing of COVID-19.
Why we made it
People are scared and stressed, with no reassurance about their wellbeing since this pandemic began. Is that scratch in the back of my throat Corona Virus, or am I just being paranoid..? To make matters worse, COVID-19 can present in a variety of symptoms, or even no symptoms at all. This causes inefficient testing, complicated diagnosis, and uncertainty about individuals health. Our aim with Monu is to provide some peace of mind about our health during all this chaos.
Expert Interviews
Design Process
Socially Distanced Testing
Cross-Market Research
Health Overview

Through the tracking of temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen content, Monu is able to provide a health overview. User's baselines for these metrics is continuously updated, so that Monu can predict if there might be a problem early on.

Recovery Tracking

In the unfortunate case of getting ill, Monu provides recovery tracking and advice on next steps. Because this data is synced with EHR records, this advice is directly shaped by real doctor's diagnosis.

Monu provides just a little bit of assurance in a time of such uncertainty. We do what we can to prevent getting sick, but it helps to be looked out for. Whether it's monitoring to make sure you haven't contracted the Corona virus, or recovery tracking if you are sick, Monu provides peace of mind.

Peace of mind
Designing medical products is a challenge

While Monu is still a concept, I learned a lot about the challenges of designing products that have medical functionalities. As Monu also collects and analyzes personal data and electronic health records, security was also a huge challenge.

Enticing continuous use

Creating a product that should ideally be worn all the time was very hard. It requires a huge amount of trust for a user to accept a product into their life at that level.

Key Learnings
Working remotely

This project was done entirely remotely due to COVID-19. This created many communication and collaboration opportunities for innovation between our team, as well as outside stakeholders and users.