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Winner of the BEKK Norwegian UX competition, Thor is a chat based public transit app
Entur - Sponsor for Bekk Consulting UX Cup 2017
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What We Made
This Project was came out the Bekk UX Cup in Oslo Norway.  It was a 3 day design sprint, where we were given the challenge of "getting millennials to choose public transportation to get to both known and unknown places." In this 3-day Sprint we rapidly conducted ethnographic research, performed user testing, pitched multiple concepts, and refined a final concept to present.
Tarjei Ødegård, Me, and Gard Hagen
Enur is a Norwegian data company with access to all Norwegian transit information. This includes routes, vehicle locations, and payment information. They challenged us to get Norwegians from the age of 18-30 more excited about using public transit.
Thor was a concept developed for Entur
Understanding our Users
We found that most of our user's needs, wants, and concerns surrounding public transportantion revolved around 3 things: Trust, Individuality, and Safety.  All of which are characteristics of a good friend.  This insight sparked a few ideas.
Preferred navigation is human
Through our research we learned that when it came to public transportation in Norway to unknown destinations, the absolute preferred way was by traveling with or getting directions from a friend.
Testing Chat based navigation
We found that almost all Norwegians wear headphones when traveling, so we added voice guidance into a quick prototype of a chatbot navigation and tested it out.   The testing was extremely helpful in getting to what features were most helpful.  We needed to explore more scenarios though, particularly what happens when things go wrong.
We found that most people's trust in their bus system falls rapidly when there is an unexpected delay. For some this can be a very serious situation, as we found a few female millennials had traumatic experiences of being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a delay or schedule change. THOR finds a solution before it's even a problem, leading to a rise in trust when things go wrong. Having someone looking out for you is pivotal for trust.
The Trust Curve
We ended the 3 day sprint by presenting Thor to the hosting company Entur and the hosts of the experience design competition, Bekk. Using our main persona, Chris, to illustrate the value of our concept proved extremely useful as a communication tool, as it was something everyone could relate to and discuss.  They were very excited about our concept, and could see implementing it within the next year! Special thanks to BEKK for hosting the event and providing expert advice throughout the process.
Pitching to Entur

Tarjei laying down the truth